Toby Tanis

Rural & Lifestyle Advisor

A little about me

Started: 2017
Qualifications: Agents Representative
Expertise: Rural Property Advisor

Born and raised in the Ballarat area Toby Tanis has enjoyed a successful foray into the Ballarat Real Estate market and is a key member of the team at Jens Veal Partners.

Previously employed in the plumbing trade, Toby was lured into real estate by long serving Ballarat country and lifestyle agent Peter McErvale.

Peter and Toby made a formidable team. Such is the ability of Toby and the faith Peter showed in him that on January 1st this year he handed over full responsibility to service his rural and lifestyle clients.

Toby has grabbed that enormous challenge with both hands and is enjoying the task of working in the Jens Veal Partners Country and Lifestyle division.

With a history in farming and agriculture, the move into the Ballarat Real estate Country and Lifestyle market was a natural progression.

“I’ve been most fortunate to have entered the Ballarat real estate market at this time and have as mentors some of the most experienced real estate agents in Ballarat.”

Away from the office Toby is busy working on his home renovation with partner Tegan and they enjoy dropping the tools on the weekend and experience eating out at the ever-increasing eateries of Ballarat and district.

Toby enjoys the social game of tennis, is an avid Essendon supporter and is always forward planning for his next off-track adventure when holidays come around.

Excellent communication skills and a pledge to providing outstanding customer service to his clients will ensure Toby fits the Jens Veal Partners commitment to raising the bar in the Ballarat and District Real Estate market.


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