Luke Veal

Director / Sales

A little about me

Started: 2006
Qualifications: Licensed Real Estate Agent
Expertise: Residential Home Sales, Land Development, Commercial Sales.

Luke held leadership and management positions in education for many years before embarking on a career in real estate in 2006 and comes to Jens Veal Partners after amassing a wealth of experience in the industry.

A former elite athlete, Luke has competed at national and international level in track & field athletics and held numerous records in pole vault, hurdles and the decathlon. He is fiercely competitive and knows how to win. Luke brings his winning attitude with him into his real estate career and is continually seeking to raise the bar, so you can be assured that whether buying or selling you have his commitment to produce a successful outcome on your behalf.

As a property advisor and real estate professional, Luke is committed to treating people with respect and understanding, giving exceptional client service, communicating clearly and providing prompt follow-up. Luke believes that these attitudes are essential ingredients for him to be able to deliver optimal results for his clients.

One of Luke’s personal philosophies is “to treat the other person as I would like to be treated myself”. As you get to know Luke you will understand this to be the case, because as we all know, behaviour never lies!

By dealing with Luke you’ll tap into his expertise as a property investor, as well as his vitality and willingness to make your next property transaction a smooth process. Furthermore, he is dedicated to continual professional growth, which means that clients can confidently appoint him as their sales consultant.


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