Jens Veal Partners is a progressive real estate company that is fiercely independent as well as local.

We have a strong vision to consolidate our position as the first choice for buyers and sellers of real estate and the home of Ballarat’s best agents.

Now that our journey has begun, we are seeking to recruit members from the real estate fraternity to partner with us as we outwork our vision.

Would you like to embark on this journey with a business that pursues exemplary standards?

If so, you’ll need to know that Jens Veal Partners has a particularly high expectation in terms of service delivery and producing successful outcomes for our clients.

We are creating positions on our team for the beginning agents who may have less than 12 months experience in the industry, through to those agents who are more seasoned, career professionals.

The right people are hard to find!

However, we believe that like attracts like, so when we find someone with the right character, competence, attitude and personality needed to deliver the results that our clients have come to expect, we believe that it will be a long-term relationship.

We know that the reputation of an agency rises and falls on the shoulders of its individuals, so we are very patient and prepared to wait until the right calibre of people make themselves known to us.

Our team members will be immersed in a positive work environment where they will be treated with the utmost respect, trained in the Jens Veal Partners way and given every opportunity to grow, experience success, prosper and be well remunerated. Furthermore, none of our pay structures revolve around a retainer. We don’t adopt a “pay-back” at the end of the month philosophy – once you have been paid you are paid.

Before we even catch up for a chat, please be advised that to gain acceptance onto the team at Jens Veal Partners, our members need to meet exacting standards such as a desire or ability to –

  • pursue excellence as a minimum standard, because this is known as our hallmark by all past, current and future clients
  • deliver exemplary service to our clientele – all the time
  • always do what we say we will do – our “yes” means yes and our “no” means no
  • return all missed phone calls at our earliest convenience
  • respect punctuality and be on time for our appointments. If we have been unavoidably held up by a previous engagement we will call the client to let them know
  • provide prompt feed-back and communicate clearly and frequently with our vendors and purchasers by phone or in writing
  • relentlessly pursue the next home for our buyers
  • commit to liaise with a buyer who has missed out on a property by offering a status update on the progress of a contract for the home that has sold as well as offer recommendations of other homes that are still available for sale
  • proof-read all of our written communications before sending them
  • scour our database and the marketplace at large in order to find a buyer for our vendors’ homes
  • treat the other person as we would expect to be treated ourselves, thereby protecting both our clients as well as ourselves from impropriety and allowing us to live our business and private lives with an under-pinning that cannot be shaken.

If you can place a tick beside each of these elements, we’d like to catch up some time soon, so please give us a call.

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