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Low Ballarat Rental Vacancy Rate Opens Opportunities

February 14, 2019

Real Estate Investment

The record-setting low vacancy rates continue across Greater Ballarat as more and more people are drawn to the supportive community, relaxing country lifestyle and affordable property prices. The vacancy rates are the lowest we have seen in 16 years1 and look promising for the future of the real estate market in Ballarat.   Chris Byrne […]


An Insight Into Ballarat’s Fastest Growing Suburbs

January 24, 2019

Real Estate Investment

It’s obvious that Ballarat has a booming property market so at Jens Veal we’re here to give you profile of the fastest growing suburbs in the area. Ballarat Central’s suburb profile1 includes some interesting insights such as the fact that, at $310 per week, it has the most affordable median rent price of the suburbs […]

Ballarat Property Market Statistics

January 22, 2019

Real Estate Investment

The latest statistics from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria prove the current strength of the local market. The Ballarat real estate market grew by 12% in the 2018 calendar year, easily one of the most impressive councils in Victoria, continuing in the December quarter at 1.7% for the City of Ballarat. Property Management Ballarat […]


What You Need to Know About Rental Properties in Ballarat

January 21, 2019

Real Estate Investment

The Ballarat rental property market is currently thriving due to high demand. Investors are buying in record numbers and taking advantage of minimal wait times before seeing a return on their investments. With a high demand for Ballarat real estate rentals, prospective tenants need to ensure that they are informed about rental procedures and know […]


Buying Into Ballarat’s Boom: An Opportunity For the Savvy Investor

December 24, 2018

Real Estate Investment

Right now is a crucial time in the Ballarat real estate market. With almost 40 years’ experience, our team at Jens Veal has never seen anything like what’s going on at the moment. According to the ABS, Ballarat is currently 7th in the state for property development, with 144 new houses added in October 2018 […]

Marvella Heights

September 12, 2018


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September 10, 2018