Giving our farmers a helping hand.

Jens Veal Partners has launched an initiative for the Spring of 2018 that will assist drought ravaged communities of New South Wales.

For each rural and lifestyle property listed during the Spring, Jens Veal Partners will donate $500 of its selling fee to the Australian Red Cross for distribution to farmers via its drought relief appeal.

Jens Veal Partners Rural and Lifestyle Advisor Toby Tanis said the initiatives by the company was some small way to recognise the hardship being experienced by farming families affected by the drought.

“It is disturbing to watch the nightly news and see the impact the drought is having in NSW and Qld when we here in South West Victoria are experiencing cool, wet weather conditions,” Mr. Tanis said.

“Ultimately the impact of the drought will be felt by all of us through increased prices and shortage of product. But that again is nothing to what is being experienced by farmers in these drought ravaged communities.

“By contributing $500 from each listing, and whilst it is not that much in real terms, we hope it goes in some small way to assisting families through this very tough period,” Mr. Tanis said.

“We can only hope that the drought ends soon and that we never experience anything like it here in Victoria. I’m certain that if the situation were reversed, those in New South Wales and Qld would be the first to offer our farmers a helping hand,” he said.

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September 12, 2018

Giving our farmers a helping hand.